Spencil Wooden Watercolour Pencils

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Turn any drawing into an exquisite watercolour painting with this awesome pack of 12 Woodless Watercolour Pencils. In 12 brilliant colours, simply draw, add water and blend to create your next masterpiece.

These woodless pencils are environmentally friendly and made entirely from graphite: kind to the environment and stunning on paper.

Perfect for school holiday, arty and creative fun – these are a must-have for the little artist's kit!

  • Turns drawings into exquisite watercolour paintings
  • Just add water for watercolour effect
  • Pack of 12 brilliant colours
  • Wood-free and environmentally friendly
  • Made of 100% high-density graphite
  • Pre-sharpened and ready to use!
  • Sharpen with standard pencil sharpener
  • Perfect for school holiday, arty and creative fun