Book  |  Beyond the Fence

Book | Beyond the Fence

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Piggy lives in a large house with Thomas. Thomas knows exactly what Piggy needs. But a chance meeting with a wild pig changes everything, and Piggy finds out what lies outside the four walls, beyond the fence. A gentle book about freedom and friendship.

Personal agency and self-esteem: Freedom is a core theme of the book; although it may not always feel like it, we have the power to make decisions about our own lives. The book shows that even when you find yourself in a situation where someone controls you, there will always be someone like the boar to support you if you decide to leave. Teachers and therapists can use the book to empower children who feel trapped by friends or family.

Empathy and morality: Piggy leaves Thomas’s safe, lavish house to live in the wild, even though he understands that there will be traps and other risks involved with that lifestyle. Older children may be able to think of other examples where it’s necessary to make a life-changing decision, even though the available options aren’t perfect (for example, refugees leaving their homes). There are plenty of opportunities to discuss the difficulties of decision-making, and which outcome is ethically correct. Do we feel sorry for Thomas, as Piggy has left him behind, or do we agree with Piggy’s decision to take control of his own life?

  • Ages 3-8yr
  • Paperback
  • 36 Pages