My Little Gumnut  |  Bamboo Charcoal Night Time Insert

My Little Gumnut | Bamboo Charcoal Night Time Insert

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Similar to our Bamboo Inserts, our Bamboo Charcoal Nighttime Boosters are made with extra soft layer of Bamboo Charcoal on top of three-layers of microfiber for absorbancy. The combination of bamboo and charcoal works to quickly draw any wetness away from the skin and into the thirsty microfiber, keeping babies skin dry for the whole night through.

The natural fibers used make these boosters soft to touch and quick drying. As baby gets older, you can double up these boosters to obtain the most absorbancy and keep bub dry and comfortable during the night.

Our Bamboo Charcoal boosters can also be used singularly for heavy wetters, long car trips etc. These boosters will fit into the pocket of all My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappies however are most effective when used with out Nighttime Nappies.

Always follow the care instructions provided at the time of purchasing to ensure your inserts work at their best and provide the maximum absorbancy level.

*insert only, nappy not included. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Our Bamboo Charcoal Inserts should be washed 6-7 times before use to ensure they are at their maximum absorbency level.