Seriously Milestone Cards | Preggo

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Congratulations, you need the preggo pack! 

Because you won't care later about photo when you were 30 weeks, you'll be more interested in the fact that you could no longer see your private parts...

Pack includes:

  • Sh#* Just Got Real (I'm up the duff)
  • I can no longer see past my guts
  • I LOVE it when strangers rub my belly
  • Baby Brain
  • First Stretch Marks
  • My baby is kicking the crap out of me
  • I can no longer do up my shoelaces
  • I need to pee every 5 minutes
  • My normal clothes don't fit anymore
  • I sneezed...enough said
  • Everything makes me want to spew
  • Somebody get this kid out of me!
  • Apparently I'm not the right size for my dates
  • Heart Burn
  • I'm SO tired
  • Seriously Hormonal
  • Craving
  • I know it's me, but it's hot in here
  • Hello cankles!