Peekabee Reusable Food Pouches 2pk

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Our Reusable Food Pouches are perfect for babies, toddlers and even school kids.

They can be filled with:

  • Homemade baby food/purees
  • DIY yoghurts
  • smoothies
  • weetbix or bircher muesli
  • chia puddings
  • custards... and more!


  • Need a fun and easy way to feed your child hidden nutrients?
  • Had enough of expensive throw away store-bought pouches?


      • Babies 6+ months: perfect for homemade purees, smoothies, soups and yoghurts.
      • Toddlers: feeding toddlers nutritious food can be a challenge! Our Reusable Food Pouches makes feeding good food fun and easy!
      • School Kids: The perfect lunchbox addition. Fill with brain food… protein-filled smoothies, yoghurts and more.


      EASY TO FILL & SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Because you’re busy enough, the pouches have been designed with easy cleaning and hygiene in mind. The wide opening makes them easy to fill. And the rounded corners make sure food doesn’t get stuck in hard-to-reach places when they’re being cleaned.

      QUALITY MATERIALS, NO NASTY EXTRAS: Pouches are BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free, so your children only get homemade goodness, with no added nasties. And with a double zipper and strong BPA free material, you’ll have no leaks… guaranteed.

      FREEZER & DISHWASHER SAFE: Make healthy food in advance and freeze them for later. You’ll always have homemade goodness on hand. And when they are empty, just pop them in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

      SAVE MONEY… & THE PLANET: No more expensive store-bought throwaway pouches. Refillable pouches can be used over and over, reducing the impact on your grocery bill and even better for your child’s future… the environment. 


      No more expensive one-use supermarket pouches
      Why throw away when you can reuse?


                The 8 pack simplifies mealtimes as 8 pouches can be prepared at once and placed in the freezer for later!
                2 bonus caps are included to ensure ongoing use of pouches

                          EASY CLEAN

                          Rounded corners mean no nasties can collect in hard to reach places
                          The wide opening makes rinsing and drying a breeze
                          Dishwasher safe so easy cleaning

                                    QUALITY AND DURABLE MATERIALS

                                    BPA Free
                                    Free from PVC, Lead and Phthalate
                                    Quality double zipper means no leaking
                                    Quality manufacturing, heavy-duty material used to ensure ongoing repeated use.